2019 Asian Cup Iraq VS Vietnam match Watch CCTV5 online live broadcast address_1


2019 Asian Cup Iraq vs Vietnam match watch CCTV5 online live broadcast address
The Asian Cup will have a Group D match today, in which the popular team, the optimistic team before the game, will face the Iraqi team.(National Football 2-1 Kyrgyzstan) (Group C’s latest standings) CCTV5 today’s schedule will broadcast two Asian Cup matches “”” “” “” “” online game watch here into the game preview and clash records in the pastIn one year, Vietnamese football has achieved a very amazing record. Whether it is the U23 Asian Cup, the Asian Games and the finishing Southeast Asian Championships, the Vietnamese team has excellent results.The Vietnamese national team is based on the Vietnamese U23 team that won countless glory last year.However, we should also see that the Vietnamese team has average offensive strength and often struggles with the West Asian team.In this group match, the generally optimistic Vietnam team or the mysterious division Iraq team.In the past year, the Vietnam team won the Southeast Asian Championship, the U23 Asian Cup runner-up and the Asian Games champion.The honor of Vietnamese football last year was only slightly lower than that of South Korea and Japan. The traditional Asian strong teams Iran, Saudi Arabia and Texas all tried to catch up.However, we can also see in many games that the Vietnamese team has an advantage in defense and an offensive ability.They often have little advantage when playing against West Asian teams, and it is very rare to beat their opponents in 90 minutes.  In the U23 Asian Cup, Vietnam became 0 to 0 in the group stage and the underdog Jordan. They continued to compete with South Korea and Australia in the knockout.They subsequently eliminated two teams, Iraq and Qatar.However, in the 90-minute game, Vietnam and these West Asian teams ended in a draw.  In the Asian Games, Vietnam did not encounter the West Asian team in the group stage.Bahrain and Syria, which eliminated in the top 16 and top 8, respectively, scored lore goals in both games.The difference is that the game with Bahrain was in the regular period, and the game with Syria was overtime.  In addition, in the U16 Asian Cup, Vietnam’s final defeat was to the Iranian team who had no hope of qualifying.In the U19 Asian Cup, Vietnam lost consecutively to Australia, South Korea and Jordan.In summary, the strength analysis/win prediction of the Iraqi and Iraqi teams put it all together. In the official competition last year, Vietnam only beat the West Asian team Bahrain in the round of 16 in the Asian Games.When the opponent meets.While South Korea, Japan, and Thailand lost to the Vietnamese team in different games last year, several Chinese club echelons also lost to the Vietnamese U19 team in the warm-up match.  When confronting several teams in East Asia, especially against Japan and Thailand, Vietnam’s physical disadvantage is not obvious.The technical progress at the foot of the Vietnamese team is very fast, and they have reached the first-class level in Asia. They often can fight back in the cloud.However, in the face of the strong West Asians, especially the European team such as Jordan, Vietnam’s foot skills can not be fully displayed.  In a handful of games last year, South Korea, Japan, and China have blocked Tousia teams from the knockout, so that Vietnam will encounter relatively weaker West Asian opponents in the knockout.Even so, they can only rely on physical advantage to fight to the end against their opponents.Vietnam has a relatively simple way of eliminating opponents in West Asia. It is nothing more than counterattack in overtime or stoppage time, or a penalty shootout.  Due to age issues, Iraq did not participate in many Asian competitions last year.However, in the U23 Asian Cup, it was the Vietnamese team that eliminated them.At that time, the two teams played 1-1 in regular time, and each of them scored a goal in overtime.Vietnam led the penalty and finally defeated Iraq.Game preview location: Zayed Sports City Stadium Games: 2018-19 Asian Cup group stage 1 expected weather: 20 degrees cloudy Iraq team status: Iraq team participated in the Russian World Cup qualifiers Asian top 12 games, so it was shortlistedIn the Asian Cup finals, their biggest opponent in the same group is the Iran team, so in the face of Vietnam and Yemen, their goals are three points.In this Asian Cup, the average age of the team is relatively low, which also includes the post-00 player Hanadi-Ali. 11 players of the team play in overseas leagues.The team’s biggest star is still Adelaide who plays for the Serie A Atlanta team. He can advance and retreat and defend. The last Asian Cup was already the team’s main force.Team coach Katani? is from Slovenia and he took over the team since August last year.  Recent situation of the Vietnam team: The Vietnam team participated in the Asian Cup finals as one of the joint hosts in 2007. At that time, they entered the quarterfinals and created a history. In this cup, they advanced to the main game through the qualifiers for the first time.Iran and Iraq are divided into a group. If they want to compete for the vulnerability directly before the group, their goal should be positioned third in the group with better strength.In 2018, the Vietnamese U23 national team won the second place in the U23 Asian Championships. At the Asian Games, the Vietnamese national Olympic team also won the fourth place. At the end of the Southeast Asian Championships, they also won the championship again after ten years.As the godfather of Vietnamese football, they gave up several veterans in this cup, with an average age of 23.1 year old, the youngest team in the top 24.