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361° released the official unification of the Youth Olympic Games
At 16:00 on May 29th, the official unification ceremony of the Second Summer Youth Olympic Games was grandly held in Nanjing Green Expo Garden.Yu Zaiqing, Vice Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, executive deputy mayor of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government, executive deputy secretary-general of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Organizing Committee, Liu Yi’an, President Ding Wuhao of 361 Degrees (China) Co., Ltd. and other guestsParticipate in the event.At the same time, as the participating country of the next Summer Olympic Games-Mr. Andrew McAllister, the head of the unified team of the 2016 Rio Olympics Organizing Committee, was also invited to join in this grand event.361°During the official unification ceremony for the release of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, Ding Wuhao, Yu Zaiqing, Liu Yi’an and Andrew McAllister jointly launched the release device to announce the official release of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.As a leading sports brand in China, 361° is committed to promoting the continuous development of sports in China and the world. Over the years, its support has included the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games, the 26th Shenzhen Universiade, the 3rd Haiyang Yasha and the upcomingMany large-scale international events within the 17th Incheon Asian Games.As a senior partner of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, 361° has carefully crafted advanced, high-grade official uniforms for this event.  The official unified design and development of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games released this time, 361° integrates the best domestic and foreign design and research and development platforms: the design inspiration comes from the slogan of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games “share youth and build the future together”.The curved segmentation in the pattern represents the winding Qinhuai River water and flying ribbons, symbolizing the youth and vitality contained in the ancient city of ancient rhyme in Nanjing.The core graphics of the Youth Olympic Games such as plum blossoms, rain stones, Yunjin, and Zhaoxia are used as shading. Through stitching and reorganization, the harmonious and unified integration of the overall pattern reflects the traditional characteristics of Nanjing and implies the spirit of the young generation to be creative.  It is reported that after about 40 days, with the overall planning of the Youth Olympic Games entering the stage of operation, all staff, volunteers of the competition, domestic and foreign technical officials, security personnel, urban volunteers will uniformly wear the official uniform of the Youth Olympic GamesStick to their respective job positions, and the total number is expected to exceed 100,000.They will represent China and show the Chinese charm to the world again.  In this regard, President Ding Wu said that 361° is a comprehensive sports brand rooted in China and is moving towards the world. Over the years, the attention and support for sports has always confirmed the determination and ambition of a Chinese sports brand to the world.It also demonstrates the firm pace of 361° pushing world sports forward with action.As a senior partner of this Youth Olympic Games, 361° will spare no effort to help young people reap a healthy lifestyle from sports, let the Olympic spirit spread among the younger generation, and further develop the Olympic spirit, the ideal will be passed to the world!